Natasha Williams holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from McNeese State University.  After college graduation, she started her career in the Accounting and Auditing field.  After many years of soul-searching, she found the courage to pursue her lifelong dream of writing and teaching.  She has been writing movies for nearly 10 years and is an optioned screenwriter.  She has been interviewed and quoted by different women’s magazines and organizations, was featured in the book, Crashing Hollywood, and on the development team for two Chicken Soup for the Soul® books.  She is also an Advance Reader for Harper Collins Publishers’ First Look® Program. 

Natasha has studied screenwriting from some of the Master’s in the field:  McKee, Krevolin, Kosberg, Rydall, Preston, Witcomb, Hunter and Smith to name a few.  After years of study and helping other screenwriters, she established her own script consulting business, NEW Script Consulting. 

Additionally, after working several years with Lisa Nichols, one of the Teachers of The Secret who appeared on Oprah®, she has become an expert at transitioning into new career endeavors and following her bliss.  She realized that her dream was also to help others realize their dreams and to turn them into a reality.  She began sharing her techniques with others to help them make their dreams come true through her Career Change Consulting business and workshops.  She lives in Vallejo, California with her family and is currently writing a movie for a cable network.  When she isn’t traveling abroad, she’s teaching others how to realize their dreams.