Adaptation & Ghostwriting Services

Our adaptation and ghostwriting services are done in “phases”. You pay for each phase of development separately and may terminate the process at any time. This ensures that you are well satisfied at each step along the way to a completed screenplay. Prices for each phase vary depending upon the nature of the project.

Premise Evaluation
We evaluate the premise to determine if the material is adaptable.
This can be determined based on the synopsis for $60 (up to 10 pages)
If you would like a more indepth review of the premise, see our Manuscript and Book Analysis Service Page for rates.

Once the premise is deemed viable, the following a timeline is drafted and the following phases commence:

Phase 1
Research and Treatment Preparation
Once the practicality of adapting your original work to screenplay form has been established, the next step is: “research and treatment preparation”.
A treatment is an abridged script. It consists of a summary of each major scene of a proposed movie, descriptions of the significant characters and snippets of dialogue. Typically a treatment runs 10 to 20 pages.

Phase 2
First Draft
If after reviewing the completed treatment, you decide to continue the process, we enter phase 2 in which the first draft is written. You submit notes on the treatment and difficulties are ironed out before the writing of the first draft begins.

Phase 3
Final Draft
If you decide to continue, you submit your notes regarding the first draft and then the final draft is written.

Phase 4
Based upon final notes from you, the draft is “polished”. At this point a high quality screenplay in “spec” format is delivered to you.

If you're ready to proceed with the Premise Evaluation,
please click on this link: Submittal