How does NeW Script Consulting work?

It couldn't be easier. You simply submit your script online. You can pay by credit card,pay pal or money order. We will then e-mail the detailed script coverage back to you within 2 weeks of the date of receipt. Top

What is Script Analysis?

If you need precise, detailed suggestions of how to improve your plot structure, tighten the description and keep the reader interested, then a script analysis is exactly the next step for you.. Script Analyst help you to make your descriptions brief and your dialogue sparkle. If the script has become overly long, a script analyst can help you chop out the dead wood and hone your story down to its essence. And isn’t that what you wanted to convey all along? You want to get your vision across. You need to know that the story in your head is now the story on the page. That’s what a script analysis can do for you. Top

Why do you need a Script Consultant?

You know how hard you've worked on that script--the weeks, months, even years you've dedicated to the final product. Congratulations! You have accomplished something many people never do.
Now, what can you expect? Will self-doubt kick in? Will you ask yourself, "How good is my script, really? Should you submit your script to a contest, attend a pitchfest, post it on one of the Internet sites or try to find an agent? Will you be able to handle the harsh critique of a producer, or worse yet, the agony of not knowing why your script was turned down? Before you do anything, consider the value of obtaining a quality second opinion. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your money and someone else's valuable time. At NeW Script Consulting, our goal is to give screenwriters the tools they need to achieve the next level. We strive to provide you the best guidance to assist you on your journey. Top

What is coverage?

Coverage is simply a reader's report. Every script submitted to a feature film studio or agency or production company gets "covered." Readers are the companies' first and best line of defense. The reader's report usually provides a one or two page synopsis of the screenplay, a breakdown of the characters, a page or two of commentary/evaluation, and lastly, a bar graph evaluating your screenplay from Excellent to Poor in the following categories:

• Main Characters
• Minor Characters
• Story
• Premise
• Visual Elements
• Artistically
• Commercial Prospects
• Title

Finally, your screenplay is rated either "Recommend," "Consider," or "Pass," for both the script itself and for the writer. So in theory, if the script isn't spectacular but the writing is, you may still garner some interest. The agent, manager, or creative executive then scans these reports and determines which scripts are worth his or her time to read. Sometimes, even if you receive terrible coverage, if there's an element of your screenplay that attracts the exec -- such as, it's in a genre that's hot right now -- your script may get read by a second person anyway. Bad coverage is not necessarily the death knell every time...just most times. By the way, hardly anyone ever gets a "Recommend". When a reader tags a script "Recommend," they're basically sounding the alarm bells and telling everyone to drop what they're doing and Read This Script Now! The reader is also sticking his or her neck on the chopping block, because if the exec does not agree with the reader's assessment, and resents the time spent reading the script, then the reader may not be taken seriously in the future or worse, could be out of a job. So, bear in mind that there are actually three levels of "Consider" -- Strong, Moderate (AKA a "straight-up consider",) and Consider With Reservations. These allow the reader to express their enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for the material, while still remaining safely in the consider category. Top

Why is it important to get feedback before submitting my script to any companies?

Two reasons. Number one: you only get one chance at that particular company. Your script needs to be the best it can possibly be. Readers are generally overworked and jaded, and are often just looking for a reason to skim. Once they find that reason, you're done. And that coverage will remain on file at that company to haunt you forever. The second reason has to do with TRACKING. Tracking is the process by which production companies keep track of material entering the marketplace. If your script is sent out in any significant way -- e.g., by an agent or manager -- once it's received by a production company, the title and writers are tracked by professional trackers, who have their own little network and tracking boards. In short, if just one major studio passes on your script, it's entirely possible that negative feedback about your script could hit the boards, and you could be dead all over town, before anyone at any other company even reads it. Scary, but true! Top

What guarantee do I have that you will like my script?

None. That's exactly the point. Wouldn't you rather find out if something's not working BEFORE you send the script to any agents, managers, or creative execs? NeW Script Consulting offers only a professional reader's opinion. But, that opinion is based on years of industry experience and strong knowledge of what the market is looking for. Unlike many agencies and prodcos, we do not let interns or college kids read your scripts -- only seasoned, smart folks with no axes to grind. If something's amiss in your script, our very smart and savvy analyst will point out the key problem areas.Top

What if you don't like the genre of my script?

We are trained to have an eye on what the market will be interested in, not to defer to our own personal tastes. Therefore, we are able to recognize a good piece of material, regardless of our personal preferences. Also,it's good to know that we have a vast amount of interest and are open minded. Our goal is to help your script be the best it can be in whichever genre it's written. Top

I'm a returning client. Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! Just indicate you're a returning client in an email and we will provide a discount code if you did not receive one with your last order. That applies to resubmissions of the same script or to new scripts. Top

What if my script needs a lot of work or I don't know how to get started?

No worries. We offer script coaching and development services. Packages start at $50/month and you are free to go month to month as long as our services are needed. Simply contact us and describe what you need and we will customize a plan for you. We will even create a plan to help you finish your first draft in three months that includes weekly follow-ups. Let us help you to make your dream a reality. Again, monthly packages start at $50, depending on level of service requested. You are free to go month-to-month until our services are no longer needed. Top

How many pages should my screenplay be?

The industry standard is anywhere from 100-120 pages depending on the genre (type of story). Here's a good rule of thumb: 1 screenplay page = 1 minute of screen time. A 30 pg screenplay will be 30 minutes long, a 60 pg screenplay will be one hour, and so on. Depending on the type of movie, you should determine how long your movie will be.
Here are some guidelines:
Comedies/horror/teen movies about 95-105 pages
Romantic comedies 105-115 pages
Dramas/thrillers/romance 110-120 pages

Remember: there's an exception to every rule. Trust your gut... and your readers!Top

I have writer's block, what do I do?

Writing exercises like "free-writing" (just sitting down and writing out your thoughts as they come to your mind) really help to unplug the old cranium and unleash your creative genius! You can also write without penalty. What we mean by this is to not have to write anything great. Just write what comes to mind, you can always go back and edit later. Don't let yourself get stuck on one paragraph. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then you can insert a note that says, "Figure out how John gets to out of this mess." Then move on to the next scene if that's possible. Or you can start an outline for a new script. This will help you get your mind off of the problem areas in your current script. You can also read a book on screenwriting or a fiction book in the same genre. Watching movies in the same genre helps as well. If none of these suggestions work, we are always available for script coaching and development. We'll provide brain sparks to help you get your story rolling again. See our Specialized Services page for more information and to schedule a free consultation. Top