Rates for all screenplays up to 120 pages.  Add $2 per page over 120.

MANUSCRIPT/ BOOK ANALYSIS -  $200 - $400 depending on page count
Receive an honest appraisal of the basic concept of your novel.  Does it lend itself to the screenplay form? Does it have enough visual imagery?   I will read and perform a thorough analyze of your book/manuscript on the major story elements and its potential adaptability to the screen.
Overall Report on General Impressions on what works and doesn’t work for the screen
Plot & Pacing
Story & Premise

I will also examine your manuscript or book to determine if it lends itself to the screenplay form? Is it marketable?

A proposed “Log Line” for the adaptation will be created.

A preliminary “similar property” search will be performed to determine if it's been done before. Is it currently in production? It's important to get these questions answered.

If warranted, several pages of notes exploring how the idea might be successfully developed and exploited. Also, if applicable, a proposal for having your work adapted to screenplay form will be provided. We will not propose ghostwriting services unless we honestly feel the time and money would be well spent.

Criteria: (standard 12pt font)
Novels up to 250 pages - $200
Novels up to 400 pages - $400