Rates for all screenplays up to 120 pages.  Add $2 per page over 120.

There is a constant need for good screenplays. Is your script ready for the market place? Is it fresh enough to knock out the competition and stand out from the pack? Are you ready to jump-start your screenwriting career? We can save you many hours of rewrites by identifying the problem areas for you...taking your script from blah to one that will have mass commercial appeal.

Let a professional help you to get your screenplay where it needs to be. We'll explore and exploit your theme and characters. We'll help you put a fresh perspective on your story. You'll receive valuable screenwriting tools and tips that can easily be applied to all your future screenplays. Order one of our service packages today. Even if you are on a tight budget, we offer "a la carte" and economy services to help you in those pinch times. Same professional critique at a reduced cost to ensure you stay on the right path. Our rates are reasonable and we guarantee that you will be more than pleased with our professionalism and the amount of information you'll receive.